Talib Kweli Has Been Banned From Twitter Following Alleged Harassment

Twitter has banned Talib Kweli for violating social media policy with his online aggressive ways. The 24-year-old activist Maya Moody is the …

King Is A Mess!

T.I.’s Son King Harris Tripping Over Takeout!

The video went viral after King posted about his meal missing pickles. He threw a fit with employees and boasted about being rich by flashing cash. This is after T.I. congratulated son on social media for being on Honor Roll.

Rapper Wisdom Charged With Attempted Murder In Miami Beach

Rapper Wisdom Charged With Attempted Murder In Miami Beach

Rapper Wisdom and Dababy claimed to shot in self defense. Wisdom is one of the rappers on DaBaby’s roster. This shooting occurred …

King Von Killed In ATL Club Shooting

Upcoming Chicago Rapper King Von Dead After ATL Shooting!

Dayvon Daquan Bennett aka King Von was shot and killed after his album release party in Atlanta. He

YNW Melly Killed His Two Friends

Florida rapper YNW Melly accused of killing 2 friends

Police have charged Florida rapper YNW Melly with killing two of his close friends who were also rising rap stars, and trying to make it appear they died in a drive-by shooting.

Blueface Sentenced To Probation In Las Vegas Shooting

The shooting occurred outside a strip club caused a graze injury of the victim. No others were hurt. Blueface is to served three years of probation and no jail time for the shooting crime.

Now Blueface Claims Phone Stolen After Posting Baby’s Genitals

This is crazy! BF’s backtracking to do damage control after series of tweets made by his account. Chrisean was crying her heart out on live after founding BF posted image their baby in deplorable way. BF need to be cancelled! ASAP!

Rappers Sent PSA To Tap Elected Officials On Healthcare Transparency

Rappers seek for honest and affordable health care for everyone despite race and income levels.

P Diddy Has Returned Masters To His Artists

Bad Boy Records CEO P Diddy doing a long overdue justice to his artists after their publishing become worthless. Some artists refused the gifts citing unwanted rules to be accepted in return.